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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, by now, you’ve probably heard about Botox®. Afterall, it is that *magic* injection that improves wrinkles, skin tone, and results in HAPPINESS (it’s true….Botox® has been shown to improve depressed mood)!

While most of us refer to all “Tox” brands as “Botox” this class of medications are formally referred to as neuromodulator agents and there are several brands available for use here in the USA. Those include Jeuveau®, Dysport®, Xeomin®, and good ‘ol Botox®. In fact, all of these medications contain the same active ingredient – Botulinium Type A. Tox products work by temporarily making it harder for you to make certain facial expressions, such as frowning, thus reducing lines created by the actions of these muscles. Side effects are minimal and include the potential for bruising and mild swelling at the injection sites and treatment effects are typically seen within a few days of injection.

For more information, including a comparison chart of the various brands, click here: Membership Benefits

We are a team of four, super fun and smart (well, we think we are….) professionals with a combined experience of over 35 years in the aesthetic industry. With two aesthetic physicians, one marketing and finance pro, and one master of aesthetic sales, we set out to disrupt the medical spa industry by offering a new and unique perspective on the delivery of Tox (and Tonic, of course).

Our goal is to make Tox treatments accessible to all by offering a simple, subscription-based, approach in a hip and relaxing atmosphere. We want to take the ‘scary’ out of ‘toxin’ by making treatments safe, effective, affordable and accessible via available technology, including our Tox Genie’s Virtual Consultation Tool – an industry-first!

We have a simple approach – train AMAZING injectors in the art of Tox so all of our patients can feel comfortable with our treatments knowing that they will see incredible results. Each staff member goes through a vigorous vetting process in addition to receiving training through our very own Tox and Tonic University before treating our patients.

At Tox & Tonic we specialize in Tox injections! Our Nurse Injectors have received extensive training in the use of Tox for both on-label and off-label (commonly treated but non-FDA approved) areas with ALL of the FDA-approved Tox products currently available. We understand the differences in effect between the various brands, as well as the effect of dosing changes, precise placement, and even specialty Tox treatments such as treatments for excessive sweating, MicroTox Tightening and HydraTox Gold Needling.

Nervous about getting Tox injections?! Don’t be! Our Nurse Injectors take your safety very seriously. All potential effects – both good and bad – will be discussed with you, in detail, prior to your treatment. We will make sure you feel comfortable with your treatment plan and that all of your questions are answered. We even offer a FREE VIRTUAL CONSULTATION so you can determine which treatment areas may be right for you!

We look forward to helping you ROCK YOUR TOX!

We won’t lose focus on what is important…Tox and Tonic is ALL we do! We have partnered with all of the major Tox distributors to provide various treatment options in addition to formulating our very own, medical-grade skin care line, Skin Tonic MD, which has been specifically curated to pair with your Tox and Tonic treatments for even better results! Our Tonic Injection formulations have been hand-picked by Dr. LaRee Hooker, NMD, to provide the most powerful energy-boosting, body fat burning, and detoxifying effects available in injectable form.

Our vision is to bring a Tox and Tonic to an area near you! Our flagship location in Gilbert, AZ is serving as our initial ‘mothership’ but we want to spread our love of Tox and hope to open additional locations around our home state of Arizona and ultimately, around the nation! If you are a medical professional and are interested in a unique opportunity to bring joy to your community, one injection at a time – drop us a line!

Rock On!

Team Tox and Tonic

Dr. Rebecca Weiss, CEO
Dr. LaRee Hooker, Medical Director/Director of Education
Charlie Queeno Holderman, CFO/Director of Marketing