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“Tox” Neuromodulators

The magical elixir of youth! Want to erase those 11’s, give your lip a flip, or even stop excessive sweating? Give TOX a try! Instantly rejuvenates your skin for a more youthful appearance!

Lip Filler

We feature only FDA approved Lip Filler products made of hyaluronic acid injected by our expert injectors to get you the look you want.

Tonic Injections

Need a boost? Try some Tonic! Wellness injections formulated to improve energy levels, aid in detoxification and weight loss.

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Curious about Tox? Let our “Tox Genie” take you on a journey of discovery! Just grab a mirror and answer a few questions about yourself and VOILÀ! You will receive a personalized prescription for your next Tox treatment including our Tox Genie’s brand and dose recommendations to get you started! (Magic carpet ride not included.)

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Tox & Tonic University

What do we value most at Tox & Tonic?

  1. Delivering AMAZING results.
  2. Delivering AMAZING results, SAFELY.

At Tox & Tonic our focus is on getting you the most out of each treatment. We put all of our Aesthetic Nurse Injectors (we like to refer to them as our “Rockstars”) through a rigorous training program called “Tox & Tonic University”, with extensive instruction on how to achieve the best results, safely.

Tox & Tonic University faculty include our Medical Director, Dr. LaRee Hooker, who has been practicing Aesthetic Medicine since 2004 and teaching others the “Art of Tox” for over 12 years. In addition, Dr. Rebecca Weiss, CEO of Tox & Tonic, is an experienced Aesthetic Physician with over 14 years of experience in the field of cosmetic injectables.

Your aesthetic appearance is of the utmost importance to us and we know you will feel comfortable and confident in your decision to visit our practice.

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Our Promise To You

We want to take the ‘scary’ out of ‘toxin’ by making treatments safe, effective, affordable and accessible.


We solely do one thing – Tox! With our hyper-focused approach to the ‘Art of Tox’, we safely and competently deliver amazing results to our patients with evolving techniques and equipment.


We are results driven. Our “Tox Assurance” Program is designed to give you the confidence and result you deserve. If your desired result is not achieved within two weeks after your Tox treatment, you can come back and, together, we will determine the best approach to get you to the results you seek.


We have partnered with all of the major Tox distributors to provide various treatment options and some of the lowest prices in the Industry.


We want to make getting your Tox treatments as easy as possible. Our Tox Genie’s Virtual Consultation Tool– an industry-first, helps you to determine your treatment areas, dosing recommendations, as well as which Tox Brand is right for you. We also offer flexible scheduling over the phone or online.

Rock Your Tox!

25 Units $250.00 $174.75
30 Units $300.00 $209.70
40 Units $400.00 $279.60
50 Units $500.00 $349.50

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