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HydraTox Gold Needling Facial Treatment

This is an amazing, rejuvenating anti-aging treatment that nourishes, smooths, and gives your skin a glow with little to no downtime. You will experience overall improvement in skin texture, pore size, and reduced oil production. Treatments can be performed without Tox as often as every 2 weeks with Tox added to your formulation on a quarterly basis for best result.

Treatment options include:

HydraTox GLOW UP Treatment – 25 units of Tox + hyaluronic acid (HA) for skin plumping and improvement in skin tone and texture. $175*  $840 for package of 6 – SAVE 20% 

HydraTox ANTI-AGING Treatment with Exosomes – 25 units of Tox + HA an anti-oxidant and peptide rich cocktail (it’s true, there IS a cocktail that won’t dehydrate you) for anti-aging effects – dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles and prevents oxidative stress to the skin reducing future damage.  The power of Exosomes can increase skin collagen in the treated areas and also increases elastin levels by up to 300%. The increase in the collagen and elastin levels will result in: Visible reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Improved skin brightness and hydration.   $225*  $1080 for package of 6 – SAVE 20%

(*Tox sold separately. Member discounts cannot be combined with discounted package pricing.)

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