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Frequently Asked Questions


While the active ingredient is the same throughout all of the products, the ‘recipe’ and manufacturing process varies amongst them. This variation can create subtle differences in duration, effect, and potency.

The brand Botox (manufactured by Allergan Pharmaceuticals) has become a household name. Many patients recognize the brand by name and choose this on name recognition alone. However, another brand might benefit you and your results better than another. All appointments include a consultation, during which time brand and dosing is determined prior to treatment. Currently, there are 5 different FDA-approved ‘Tox’ brands available in the USA.

Each appointment includes a brief consultation to determine brand and dosage in order to achieve the best results based on your treatment area. All of this will be discussed at time of service. Dosing does vary slightly with the different brands. We encourage you to try our& VIRTUAL CONSULTATION TOOL & to get a better idea of which brand and dose might be right for you!

Yes, you can schedule a consultation without treatment. We charge a $65 consultation fee for the time and expertise of the injector. If treatment is performed on the same day, after your consultation, the fee is waived.

Yes, we participate in all of the manufacturer rewards programs that allow you to save even more on your treatment! Programs include Alle’ (for Botox), Aspire (Dysport), Xperience (Xeomin), Evolus (Jeuveau). You may wish to register for these programs prior to your appointment.

We treat all areas where indicted. This includes Forehead, Glabella and Crows Feet lines. We also treat Masseter (TMJ), Platysmal Bands (neck), and Bunny Lines (sides of nose), as well as Lip Flips, Microtox (for skin toning) and treatments for Underarm Sweating. Some of these areas are currently considered ‘Off Label’ meaning that, while they are commonly treated with Tox, the manufacturers of the Tox products have not yet sought FDA Approval for these sites.

We currently offer lip filler treatments to enhance your Tox treatment. We do not offer full facial correction with dermal filler. We offer a variety of FDA Approved filler choices for lip enhancement and correction, just ask your injector if you are curious about your lip filler options!

We hire highly trained, Registered Aesthetic Nurse Injectors (our Tox & Tonic ‘Rock Stars’) and include comprehensive on-site training through our Tox & Tonic University for all staff. Safety is our #1 priority, with getting you AMAZING results coming in a close second! Our Medical Director provides additional oversight and expertise with over 18 years of experience in the industry.

We currently have two locations to choose from; Downtown Gilbert & North Phoenix.

We do not accept insurance. Only medically indicated treatments are typically covered by insurance, such as Migraine treatments and Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). If you would like to have one of these treatments, we would encourage you to discuss this with your Primary Care Physician.


Our membership is $14.99/mo. It unlocks our low member pricing on Tox and earns you a FREE monthly tonic injection (normally $29/ injection) in addition to 10% off any additional services and products. Tonic injection options include Energy Boost Shots (Vitamin B12), Skinny Shots for metabolism or Detox Shots for optimum body functioning.

We charge a one-time enrollment fee of $49 to join our membership program. In addition, we waive your first month and the billing cycle of $14.99/mo begins the following month thereafter. Check our Special Offers page to see if we have any current promotions during sign-up.

There are no contracts with our membership. Feel free to cancel anytime with 30 day notice.

You do not need to be a member to receive the same great, expert service from our injectors. Membership simply unlocks the best pricing available on your Tox treatments!

Pricing is based on brand, membership status, as well as total number of units needed for treatment. Prices are subject to change.

Member price for Botox is $8.99/unit, Non-Members pay $12/unit
Member price for Dysport* & Xeomin is $7.99/unit, Non-Members pay $10/unit.
Member price for Jeuveau is $6.99/unit, Non-Members pay $10/unit. **LOWEST TOX PRICE AVAILABLE!!**

Manufacturer rebates, when applicable, may be credited toward your Tox treatment.

*Price reflects dosing variation in Dysport (equates to 3 units).

Initial Lip Filler treatments are $500 for our Members and $550 for Non-Members for up to a full syringe of filler (1.0 ml).

Additional ‘touch-up’ or ‘maintenance’ filler can be purchased in smaller increments (0.2 ml) for $140 for Members and $160 for Non-Members.

Manufacturer rebates, when applicable, may be credited toward your Tox treatment.

Yes! We offer a Treat Now. Pay Later program!

We charge an admin fee of $10 when you use this service, which allows you to choose your payment terms! A portion of your total is due at your first visit based and the balance is split between the remaining months you choose (up to 24 months). There is no hard credit check, so it won’t negatively affect you when seeing how much you qualify for.

The application process is fast and simple with immediate results! You can check your status through our link here: https://www.toxandtonic.com/payment-plans/

*Requires a $200 minimum charge to participate. An online estimator which provides more information on the payment plans offered is available by visiting the link, above.

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