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How is Daxxify different from Botox?

Do you hate your wrinkles but hate the thought of needles even more?

Does your busy schedule (or the busy schedule of your favorite injector) make it difficult for you to make 3 – 4 appointments per year for your Botox injections?

We’ve got GREAT news to share! A new neuromodulator product called DAXXIFY from Revance Therapeutics has received it’s FDA approval to treat frown lines, much like Botox, with durations lasting up to 6 months!

As one of the premier medical spa practices in Phoenix, AZ and an Elite Partner of Revance Therapeutics, Paradise Medspa & Wellness, anticipates being one of the first in our area to offer Daxxify to patients. We believe that Daxxify will fill a need in aesthetic medicine for those patients who are adverse to injections (all of those “needle-phobes” out there) as well as those that simply don’t have the time in their schedule or need to drive long distances, to get in to see their injector.

Daxxify has fought long and hard to get through the rigorous FDA-approval process, proving that Daxxify is both safe and efficacious. In their clinical studies, most patients required only two treatments per year to maintain results, as compared to the typical 3 – 4 treatments required for maintenance with the currently available neuromodulators on the market, which include Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.

Pricing information on Daxxify has yet to be published, however we anticipate a slightly higher cost than Botox to account for the longer duration of action. That being said, the value of fewer injections, time away from work for appointments and longer lasting effects should prove worthy of the additional treatment cost.

For more information and updates on Daxxify, please contact our office, Paradise Medspa, at 602-266-8144 or visit us on the web at ParadiseMedspa.com.

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