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What is MicroTox Tightening?

At Tox and Tonic, we specialize in providing Botox treatments in Gilbert, AZ, including MicroTox Tightening.


Did you know that neuromodulators, like Botox®, can not only smooth wrinkles, but they can lift and tighten your skin?


When tiny amounts of “Tox” are injected directly into the dermis, as opposed to facial muscles, it can result in a brighter and tighter appearance to the skin. MicroTox Tightening typically involves use of hyper-diluted versions of your favorite Tox, such as Dysport®, Botox® or Jeuveau®. Injections are placed superficially above and below the jawline as well as down the neck to help with skin tightening in these areas.


MicroTox Tightening can also be used reduce fine lines such as smile lines and crow’s feet lines on the upper cheeks as an alternative to lasers or microneedling.


A combination of MicroTox and traditional Tox injection in the lower face has also been shown to lift jowls and improve mid-face volume due to a reduction in the downward pull of these muscles. This technique is referred to as the “Tox Lift”.


Results from MicroTox Tightening last up to 3 months. Downtime is minimal and results can be seen within 72 hours of injection. The treatment typically uses 60-75 units of either Botox®, Jeuveau® or Xeomin® or an equivalent amount of Dysport®.


At Tox & Tonic, we specialize in Tox Injections, MicroTox Tightening, and HydraTox Gold Needling as well as medical-grade skin care utilizing our proprietary Skin Tonic MD formulations. For more information, visit us online at ToxandTonic.com. Follow us on IG @toxandtonic.


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