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“Tox” Neuromodulators

Neuro WHAT? While the name might sound scary and, honestly, so might “tox” or “toxin”, take our word for it…. It’s NOT. Take a seat and stay for a minute, we want to give you the skinny on this unexpected nectar from the Gods. All neuromodulators are toxins and each contains the same active ingredient; a purified protein derived from Botulinum Type A that, among other things, rejuvenates facial features. When injected into facial muscles toxins temporarily block the signal to “flex” the muscle creating a smoother, more refreshed appearance. (Yes, please!) Originally, toxins were marketed for the treatment of chronic tension headaches/migraines, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), jaw clenching/TMJ, and other clinical conditions, but today, they are most popularly used to reduce and eliminate wrinkles. Want to learn more about how Tox can be used to improve your life?? Shoot us a message, we are always happy to chat about our most favourite subjects… TOX and TONIC!!

What about my WRINKLES!!!!???? Enough of the science lingo, let’s get straight to the point (pun intended). Tox/Neuromodulators are all used the same way… temporarily paralyzing the targeted muscle to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Where, you ask? So many places, so little time…. Let’s run down just a few

  • On the forehead
  • Crow’s feet
  • Bunny lines
  • Chin dimpling
  • Upper lip
  • Jawline
  • Neck bands
  • Between the Brows

And SO, SO much more… also, we want to tell you a little secret (shhhh… just between us)… you don’t have to wait to get the wrinkles to treat them… (WHAT!!!????) Yes.. it’s true, we wouldn’t lie to you, we are like BFF now. So, for reals, you can treat the problem area BEFORE the wrinkle forms (seriously, it’s magical). It even has a name…it’s called “PRE-juvenation”! Even better, these are safe and simple treatments that have been around FOR-EV-ER. Using TOX is super flexible. You can start or stop whenever you want, you can even switch Tox products whenever you want (kind of reminds us of dating in college). The effects usually last about 3 months depending on your body and your metabolism, so when you start to see those pesky little lines coming back (RUDE), just pop on to the website and get your TOX ON. If you decide you like having wrinkles, (I mean, we all have our “thing”) without consistent treatment the muscle will gradually get stronger and the creases will return.

What are these “toxins” of which you speak??? The entire family of Neuromodulators (sometimes they wear matching outfits) includes Jeuveau/“NewTox”, Dysport, Xeomin, and of course Botox. Botox was the first to market and as such has become a popular household name (that is, if your household sits around the dinner table talking about neuromodulators…HUH?) anyway, the point is, sometimes you will hear “BOTOX” used in a generic way as the treatment rather than the product. But you’re so smart (I mean, you’re here aren’t you!?) you can’t be fooled that easily. You know there are other products that do the same thing (Jeuveau/“NewTox”, Dysport, Xeomin) and if you didn’t before, you do now! It is important to know that there are subtle differences in each Toxin that may play into your product choice (don’t worry, we will guide you… remember? BFFs!). To give you the “30,000 foot view” (we don’t even charge extra for that) Botox is the most costly per unit, Dysport has a quicker onset (making it very useful in wrinkle “emergencies” like… well, let’s be honest, every day is a wrinkle emergency for some of us…) Dysport pricing is listed in multiples of three because it is dosed at 3x the number of units compared to the other neuromodulators. If this all sounds very confusing, head over to our comparison chart and we will get you all sorted out!

Wow… impressive, you are still reading! This is fantastic, so let’s chat about how to figure out which product is best for YOU (cuz let’s face it, there’s nobody else like you in the entire world!!!). Because you are uniquely you, we want to see your beautiful face and make sure to customize your treatment to achieve everything you are hoping for (no, we cannot turn you into Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian, plus you are so much cooler and prettier than they are). Now is the time when you get crazy and try out our Virtual Consultation Tool (include link). If you aren’t into the virtual thing, we are actual humans and would love to meet you!! Go ahead and book a consultation with one of our expert injectors. When we are done perfecting the treatment you want, in the budget you want, we can hold hands and run off into the sunset. (Or, we can just make all of your wrinkles go away…totally up to you.)

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